Brock Lesnar vs Tom Aspinall could be UFC 300 main event, Michael Bisping suggests

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping is foreseeing a headline-worthy clash at UFC 300. He predicts that WWE star Brock Lesnar will compete against rising English sensation Tom Aspinall.

Brock Lesnar has been absent from the UFC scene since his no-contest bout against Mark Hunt in 2016. The former heavyweight champion previously appeared at UFC 100 and 200. Therefore, he could potentially make a return at UFC 300.

On the other hand, Tom Aspinall ended up securing the interim heavyweight title at UFC 295. The 30-year-old Englishman made history by winning the belt to become the third British UFC champion.

Aspinall won the match with a first-round knockout of Russian powerhouse Sergei Pavlovich.

While the current heavyweight champion Jon Jones is sidelined due to injury until summer, Aspinall is eager to step back into the cage. Surprisingly, Bisping has thrown Lesnar’s name into the mix as a potential opponent for Aspinall.

In a recent segment on his YouTube channel, Bisping expressed his thoughts on Lesnar’s possible return.

He said: “UFC 300, will we see Brock Lesnar on there again. It sounds stupid because Brock Lesnar is no spring chicken. He’s 46 years old, but remember Randy Couture fought on to the ripe old age of about 47.”

“Fighters have gone on longer. Guess what? When there’s millions of dollars on the line, people will come and fight. And people would love to see Brock Lesnar stepping in there once again.”

Emphasizing Lesnar’s continuing popularity, Bisping continued: “Who would really push the needle in a massive way? Brock Lesnar. He’s only 46, he’s still a draw, people love him.”

“The UFC and the WWE, they’re both owned by the same parent company now. So, I would imagine that the politics and the contractual stuff that would be pretty easy waters to navigate. I can’t see that being a hurdle. But who would the opponent be?”

While light-heavyweight champion Alex Pereira hints at a move to heavyweight for the title, Bisping contends that a clash between Lesnar and Aspinall would be nothing short of “mental.”

He said: “Call me crazy. Call me Tom Aspinall’s number one fanboy, but could you imagine Brock Lesnar vs. Tom Aspinall headlining UFC 300? Maybe it’s just wishful thinking. But Tom Aspinall-Brock Lesnar, that would just be mental. That is the type of thing I think the UFC are going to do.”

As the anticipation builds for UFC 300, Dana White and the UFC are yet to unveil the official main event for this historic card. Currently only four matches have been announced, including Charles Oliveira vs. Arman Tsarukyan.