Brendan Schaub’s Wife’s Attempt to Upstage Friend Goes Viral

Former UFC ring girl went viral overnight when she shared a post about her friends engagement. It’s none other than Brendan Schaub’s Wife Joanna Zanella.

A recent social media storm erupted as Joanna Zanella Schaub faced backlash for allegedly stealing the spotlight from her best friend’s engagement announcement by flaunting her own larger engagement ring.

The controversy began when Joanna, a 35-year-old mother-of-three based in Los Angeles and engaged to former MMA star Brendan Schaub, shared an Instagram Story celebrating her friend’s engagement. While Schaub refers to her as his wife it’s unclear if the two ever got legally married.

In the now-viral post, Joanna juxtaposed her own sizable square, cushion-cut diamond ring with her friend Natalie’s smaller Princess cut diamond, sparking a flurry of comments from her 70,000 followers.

While Joanna’s intention may have been to commemorate her friend’s milestone, critics on X (formerly Twitter) accused her of attempting to overshadow the bride-to-be. One user, Rosey, sarcastically remarked that Joanna’s post implied a need to ensure everyone was aware of her larger ring, garnering over 54,000 likes and reaching an audience of over 7.4 million X users.

In defense of Natalie, one user likened Joanna’s ring to a “push-up bra” for diamonds, criticizing it as a tasteless attempt to outshine her friend’s classic solitaire. The sentiment resonated with many, with some denouncing Joanna’s gesture as “tacky” and “destructive” to friendships.

However, amidst the uproar, some supporters came to Joanna’s defense, arguing that the post was innocuous and simply a display of friendship. Others suggested that interpretations of the post varied based on individual perspectives, emphasizing the need for understanding differing tastes.

Zanella frequently goes viral on Schaub’s ‘fan’ subreddit R/Tfatk but it’s usually for her BBL physique and less than stellar views on parenting.

Most recently she encountered backlash for taking a premature newborn to the mall because of cabin fever.

Despite the controversy, Joanna’s bond with Natalie remains evident, as evidenced by a heartfelt tribute to her friend on Instagram. Their enduring friendship, spanning 17 years, underscores the importance of celebrating life’s milestones together, regardless of material possessions.