Brendan Schaub Slams Dana White: “Kind of A B***h Move”

Former UFC heavyweight fighter  Brendan Schaub  threw another harsh criticism at UFC president Dana White. Since retiring from mixed martial arts in 2014 the 38-year-old has become a mediocre podcaster. Brendan Schaub had recently fallen on hard times after ‘amicably’ parting with Showtime and launching his personal network Thiccc boy studios. Thiccc’s biggest contribution to the MMA media discourse comes from rebooting Joe Rogan’s Fight Companions – without Rogan.

Recently Brendan Schaub offered his opinion on Dana White’s disappearing act during the final moments of UFC 270.

Schaub slammed White hard and called him ‘a b*tch’ for not putting the heavyweight belt on Francis Ngannou.

The UFC president Dan White didn’t put the heavyweight belt on Ngannou – even though he’d put on on Figueiredo just half an hour earlier. This is likely a result of Ngannou opting to strong arm the UFC into a better contract for himself.

Brendan Schaub who had once referred to Dana White as his eskimo brother – was talking about the UFC president during a podcast episode.

“I have no ill will towards Dana, I just think when it comes to this stuff, whether Francis leaves or Izzy were to leave or Conor were to leave, name anybody you want, you still won, Dana. If I’m his right hand man, I’m his assistant, and we’re sitting cageside next to each other and Francis won, and Dana was like, ‘F*ck it, I’m not going out there man, I’m not doing this.’ I’d go, ‘Hey, dude, can I talk to you real quick – you’re worth $400 million. You’ve won. By you doing this, you’re not helping anybody, it’s kind of a b*tch move. So could you just get in there?’”

Not only did he refuse to put the belt on Ngannou, Dana White also absent for the post-fight press conference. Previously, White had told Ngannou that he is free to leave the promotion if he wishes to.

White had previously gone ballistic on Schaub over advice for Adesanya he shared.



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Schaub later tried to de-escalate the conflict by issuing a lengthy notes app statement in which he refers to White as his Eskimo brother – no doubt hoping that the thinly veiled threat sticks.