Brendan Schaub Slams Adesanya’s Valentine’s Day Joke: “It’s So Disrespectful”

UFC fighter Turned cringe comedian Brendan Schaub has shared his thoughts on Adesanya’s most recent jab at the former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

In the tweet, the Middleweight champion makes a joke about Jon Jones’s history of domestic violence.

Back in September, Jones was allegedly involved in a domestic violence case between the former champion and his fiancée Jessie Moses.

According to the Las Vegas Police Department, Moses was awakened at some time around 4:30 by “aggressive” but not “violent” Jon Jones.

Jessie is reported to have fled the hotel room and gone to the security desk with the kids. Moses was described as bleeding from ‘her nose/mouth’ and had bloody clothing on.

All charges have since been dropped, and the couple seems to be happy together again.

According to Brendan Schaub, Adesanya’s joke was “too disrespectful”.

On his podcast, ‘The Schaub Show’ Brendan further explained his thoughts on the tweet:

“You talk sh*t, you can’t go back on Izzy, he’s like an elephant. This Valentine’s Day post is so disrespectful. It’s hilarious and all is fair in love and war, (but) they’re not even at war. I don’t know if these guys ever fight each other. Now, if Izzy does beat Jiri (Prochazka)… If Jiri gets the title, I think this (rivalry) strikes back up.”

This take from Schaub is especially hypocritical when you consider what he’s said of Jones. 

“God had nothing to do with you hitting your wife, my man… I was speaking with someone very high up from the UFC about Jon Jones and that guy was like, ‘think how much money he has missed out on, with all the bulls**t he’s done in his life. The millions and millions of dollars, the Nike endorsement, the big fights, everything!… Self-sabotage.” Said Schaub.

The rivalry between Israel and Jones has been pretty hot for the last couple of years.

Both fighters make no effort to hide the fact that they *really* hate each other.

Even though the two champions share a very real beef, an actual fight between them seems unlikely at this time.

Adesanya has challenged for the light heavyweight title before but fell short losing a decision to Jan Blachowicz.

Meanwhile, Jones has vacated his light heavyweight title and is reportedly looking for a heavyweight fight.

There are rumors about  Jones facing former champion Stipe Miocic, but nothing has been announced as of today.