Brendan Schaub Responds To Ariel Helwani’s Scorched Earth Segment

Brendan Schaub had no choice but to respond, once MMA journalist Ariel Helwani took off the gloves and delivered a beating for the ages to Schaub. To recap, Helwani characterized Schaub as having no talent in addition to accusing him of plagiarism, of paying guests to go on his shows, of forcing people to go on his show if they wanted to go on JRE and of being fake to fighters. 

And in response Brendan Schaub offered very little – he mostly focused on name calling and doubled down on some of his earlier accusations.

In an attempt to keep things substantially more coherent than transcribing Brendan Schaub requires, we’re just going to do a list.

  • The LA MMA scene allegedly runs on two open secrets – that Khabib is the GOAT and that a certain someone is a nightmare to deal with. Certain someone, being an attempt to bash Helwani without naming him.
  • “He’s the Ellen of MMA”
  • Followed that up comparing Ellen and Cosby to Helwani without merit. Rationale? Because they have no friends. Which frankly is a bad metaphor, Ellen has tons of famous friends, and Cosby still has defenders in spite of an overwhelming number of disturbing accounts that emerged over the last 30 years
  • Schaub would have us believe the fingerpointing was caused because he’s doing great in life – and not because he regurgitated an old story about Helwani being fired for leaking UFC 200 info
  • Schaub insists he’s doing well in life and selling tickets. This is somewhat contrary to what his hate community r/tfatk has tracked. If you follow the link you’ll be able to see that Schaub’s shows have been struggling somewhat of late with plenty of tickets still being available the day before the show and with dates getting combined


  • Implies Helwani is back at square one due to him being back as host of the MMA Hour
  • Implies Helwani is a “soyboy” – Soy boy being a pejorative term often used in online communities to describe men lacking masculine characteristics.

The response rant is 6 minutes long at the very start of TFATK episode attached below:

 Meanwhile Helwani shared this: