Brendan Schaub fell for the ‘fake’ Jamahal Hill vs brother video

Brendan Schaub is somewhat of a flub machine. Not only is he incapable of pronouncing even the most generic of names, but he’s also prone to repeating anything he reads on Twitter as truth.

In a recent episode of the Calabasas companion podcast to the UFC 300, Schaub made a particularly interesting blunder – he fell for an obvious hoax. Following Jamahal Hill’s arrest for slugging his brother, a video surfaced online showing two black men arguing over petty cash, with UFC fans joking that one of them was Jamahal.

This, of course, wasn’t true. Even one of the hoax sources confirmed as much saying:

“This is obviously not Jamalah Hill. I thought for sure by putting “tried to bum $5 from their mom” was a dead giveaway 😂 apparently not 🤷‍♂️”

Schaub went on to say this on his podcast:

“Now, he did have a warm up fight because he knocked out his brother. Facts. His brother was going to hit his mom and Jamahal (whack), knocked him out. And remember, because remember that domestic violence, all the s*it. And then it was like, Jamal’s a piece of s*it.”

“And he goes, Just wait to see what when the story comes out, I can’t say anything because my lawyers told me not to say anything. He’s like, Just save it. And everyone’s like, trashing him. And then they play the video and the brother’s like talking s*it to the mom. ”

Incident occurred on November 25 in Michigan.

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jamahal Hill allegedly knocked out his brother’s tooth and caused severe swelling to his left eye.

Hill faces charges of misdemeanor aggravated assault and accusations of inflicting ‘serious or aggravated injury’ on his brother.

Hill released a video statement maintaining his innocence and expressing anticipation for the truth to emerge in court.

“There’s been a lot of reports out about the situation that happened when I was back home in Michigan, visiting for the holidays,” Hill said on his YouTube channel. “I will just say this, at this time, it’s an open case. I’ve been advised not to speak on it, which I know not to speak on it.

“I just can’t wait for the truth to be told in court and I will wait for that day and I look forward to that day,” Hill continued. “The people who know me and know my character and truly, truly rock with me and know who I am, hold on to that and stay true to that and yeah, that’s all I’m gonna say on that”