Brendan Schaub claims Ronda Rousey turned down “more money than you can imagine to come back” for UFC return

Ronda Rousey’s departure from the WWE has left fans and competitors speculating about her potential return to the UFC. The former bantamweight champion has been consistently associated with a possible comeback to the Octagon, with these speculations gaining momentum in recent months.

Renowned UFC commentator Brendan Schaub has unveiled insider information suggesting that the UFC went to great lengths in attempting to lure Ronda Rousey back.

According to Schaub, the UFC presented Rousey with a substantial financial offer in a bid to entice her to return. However, she displayed no inclination to accept the enticing proposition.

Schaub conveyed on his podcast, “I’ll say this, I have it on good authority they offered Ronda Rousey more money than you can imagine to come back, and she said no. It’s not, it’s like the guy that can’t get the hot girl like, ‘She’s ugly.’ Okay, that’s like, Dana’s like, ‘No dude, we never offered her. She’s not fighting.’”

“Maybe Dana didn’t do the deal, I’m not saying Dana offered it. From what I know, they offered her more money than God and she was like, ‘I’m good.’ Ronda’s very smart, has other businesses, her farms, her houses. Like, she doesn’t need to do any of it. She said no. I heard they offered her more money than God to come back and fight and she said no.”

The UFC’s desire was to witness Rousey reclaim her glory in the bantamweight division, perhaps even competing for the vacant title. With Amanda Nunes’ retirement, the promotion was keen on orchestrating a  match that would fuel excitement within the bantamweight category.

There’s speculation that had Rousey chosen to make a comeback, she could have been slated to face Julianna Peña.

Brendan Schaub is confident in Rousey’s abilities to emerge victorious in such a bout. He confidently stated: “I think she beats Peña.”

With Ronda Rousey’s decision to remain uninvolved in the UFC, the promotion is poised to explore other avenues. It appears that the bantamweight title vacancy will lead to a matchup between Julianna Peña and Raquel Pennington.