Brendan Schaub calls Khabib’s plan for Makhachev to retire before a loss ‘weak sh**’

Brendan Schaub is a man of many talents: UFC veteran, podcaster, comedian and also one of the most publicly reviled people in MMA fandom.

Speaking on the most recent episode of the Thiccc Boy podcast, Brendan Schaub criticized Khabib’s rather realistic take on the course of Islam Makhachev’s title reign.

The Eagle humbly noted that nobody can stay a champion forever, since the human body and its physical capabilities have certain limitations. As one ages, many things start to factor into the equation and affect an athlete’s performance.

During an interview Nurmagomedov said
“I think he needs at least five. Maybe six. That would be ideal. Six defenses, that’s six fights and three years. Then it’s possible that the sport leaves him because nobody can stay on top forever,” Nurmagomedov said.

“The way the Almighty created a man, he first becomes strong then weak. He’s young then he’s old. Knowing that, the goal is five-six defences.”

Schaub had quite a few things to say about this:
“Khabib backed out right? So if a guy did come who can wrestle and negate Makhachev’s and Khabib’s wrestling, you just retire? That’s stupid,”

“That’s not what champions do…It’s like, ‘He should do as many title defenses as he can before father time catches up to him.’ You don’t wanna say ‘the game catches up to him’. Hold up, if somebody comes along who poses a threat, he just retires? That’s some weak sh**.”

While it’s easy to be critical – it’s important to keep in mind that Khabib Nurmagomedov made it out of MMA alive and well. With his record standing at 29 wins and no losses he gives Brendan Schaub plenty to envy.

Schaub’s antics have become his trademark and overshadowed his not-so-stellar MMA career. Schaub ended his MMA career after 10 wins and 5 losses and a well publicized public intervention from friend Joe Rogan.

Rogan stressed the importance of preserving brain health to his friend. Nowadays Schaub is well known for his verbal gaffes and inability to pronounce even common expressions in English language.

While it’s easy to see how old school MMA practitioners might thing retiring on top is not a winning move, there’s a lot to consider including earning potential if you hinder your cognitive function.