Brandon Moreno acknowledges Figueiredo’s heel hook attempt was a real risk

The new flyweight champion just won the rubber match against his foe Figueiredo in their fourth and final meeting. Figgy is now going to move up a division due difficulties in cutting down to 125 pounds. However, it seems like the “God of War” has left his mark on Moreno.

Moreno was on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani and he discussed the damage from the bout. He spoke about Figueiredo targeting his injured leg with a heel hook in the very first round.

“It was weird. I got stem cells there, so that helps a lot… In the first round against Figgy, he went for a heel hook exactly in the same knee…It was uncomfortable, to be honest.”



In a separate interview Moreno told CBS Sports he was a bit scared during the attempt.

Despite the discomfort, the “Assasin Baby” was able to turn things around and win via doctor’s stoppage. It happened after he struck Figgy with a left hook that landed right on his right eye.

The Brazilian’s eye was shut and the bout was called off. Figueiredo has also protested the shot, calling it an illegal eye poke.

Regarding this accusation, Moreno said that he regularly practices the hook that he threw.

“I work that punch every single day with my coaches, with my boxing coach especially, Jorge Capetillo.”



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He said that he understands where Figueiredo’s team is coming from. However, he didn’t think it was an illegal strike.

“I understand the point. After the hook, I throw the right hand, but my right hand was in this position here [straight up], and I punched the other eye. It was weird… Maybe they thought I poked his eye, but nah, man, the answer is that I never felt nothing illegal.”

The two-time champion is now recovering from the injury. His next opponent is going to be Alexandre Pantoja, who he’s had a backstage confrontation with.

Moreno described Pantoja as “a little bit desperate to get the fight for the title.”