Boxing world champion George Kambosos breaks TV star’s rib in a skit gone wrong

George Kambosos is a Unified Lightweight Champion in boxing. He will be defending his world titles next week in a bout against Devin Haney.

Kambosos has been working hard to make sure he defends his title in addition to promoting the title defense.

Kambosos recently appeared on a show with 7News host Grant Denyer – and they stepped into a ring together

Kambosos was taking it easy on the host and letting him strike. Grant Denyer wished that he could experience what it’s like to get hit by a world champion boxer.

Grant soon came to regret that wish as the punch from Kambosos left him nursing a major rib cage injury.

Grand told the daily telegraph:
“I thought I was done, He was going gentle and letting me throw some punches. Then I said to him I wanted to experience what it was like to be hit. He gets to six or seven and I realize I can’t talk.”

“He was knocking the wind out of me. I couldn’t call for help, I couldn’t say my safe word. I had no air in my lungs. My face started to turn a funny color. ”

“I went to vomit my toasted sandwich. He came out of his psychosis and he backed off.”

Grant is a well known journalist that’s been involved in motor racing for over a decade.

As a moto racer, he’s no stranger to injuries. He was previously hospitalized for breaking a vertebrae into eight pieces while competing at a monster truck rally in 2008.

It took him 8 months to recover from the spinal injuries. Hopefully the recovery from his boxing challenge takes a lot less time.

George Kambosos will be defending his title against Devin Haney on June 5th at the Marvel Stadium in Australia.