Boxing legend: McGregor would lose rematch to Mayweather in an MMA cage

In an MMA rematch, Carl Froch believes Floyd Mayweather could defeat Conor McGregor 2-0.

In August 2017, a boxing spectacle between UFC dual-weight champion Conor McGregor and boxing icon Floyd Mayweather took place. McGregor showcased an impressive start but ultimately succumbed in round 10. Despite his defeat, McGregor walked away with a substantial $100 million.

Former professional boxer Carl Froch often makes jabs at Conor McGregor on social media. He is convinced that a boxing rematch between the two would undoubtedly favor Mayweather.

However, Froch is not quick to dismiss Mayweather’s potential in the UFC Octagon. Expressing his thoughts on the talkBOXING podcast, Froch acknowledges the challenges Mayweather might face in the octagon but believes it’s not as lopsided as many perceive.

He said: “Once they start kicking you in the legs, getting close to you and taking you to the ground, I think you are bang in trouble. But I don’t think it’s as much of a mismatch as people think it is.”

“Especially Tony Bellew because he’s always talking about, ‘You haven’t got a chance. No way, no chance. That’s it, fight over. Boxer in a cage? No chance!’ I’m like, [McGregor’s got] two arms, two legs, the geezer is smaller than me. In my own mind, I don’t think it’s such a mismatch.”

“When Conor McGregor fought Mayweather, it was a mismatch because McGregor could only use his hands, and he’s not a boxer, Mayweather is a fantastic one, one of the best ever.”

Froch ventures into a potential game plan for Mayweather’s MMA debut, emphasizing the importance of Mayweather’s skills. This might help Mayweather win his first mixed martial arts match.

He suggests, “If you put Mayweather in a cage, does that all of a sudden become a total mismatch and Conor McGregor takes him out? I’d say no. I think Mayweather can sit behind his jab, still time him with a right hand and have a look at the feet. I’d love to see it to know for sure, but I don’t think it’s a one-sided whooping. Maybe I’m stupid.”

Closing the discussion, Froch injects a touch of humor by playfully mentioning his own MMA prospects. With a smirk, he states: “I’m a bad example because I did a bit of karate in my time. I’d be alright. I like a roll around on the cobbles as well. I reckon I’d be alright in there. I might be delusional, but who knows?”