Boxing great Claressa Shields in camp for intergender bout

Claressa Shields, the undisputed women’s middleweight champion, is setting the stage for an unprecedented clash with former male welterweight champion Keith Thurman. Shields recently challenged Thurman via Twitter, emphasizing her size advantage over him and expressing her confidence in outboxing him.

The exchange ignited when Shields responded to a post featuring quotes from Errol Spence Jr, who dismissed the idea of facing Thurman as an opponent. Shields promptly voiced her willingness to boxThurman at 154lbs, underlining her belief in her boxing skills.

Thurman responded, suggesting a charity boxing card scenario. In this unique proposition, Shields would don bigger gloves and protective headgear, while Thurman would be limited to using only his jab. He explained that he didn’t want to punch a woman in the face. Shields playfully acknowledged Thurman’s response and emphasized that, while he may be a male champion, she’s not one to be underestimated.

The champion’s dedication to the potential card is evident as Shields revealed she has initiated her training camp. She tweeted, “Camp started for Keith Thurman activated! Let’s go. I’m gonna get in the gym with [former two-weight world champion] Shakur Stevenson to help me prepare.”

This is not the first time Shields has displayed such audacity. She previously challenged Jake Paul to a $100,000, six-round sparring session, a challenge he didn’t take up. Her desire to test her skills against male counterparts is emblematic of her drive to push boundaries in the sport.

Thurman, with a record of 30-1, including notable wins against Danny Garcia, Shawn Porter, and Mario Barrios, has previously indicated interest in a bout with Crawford. Following Terence Crawford’s victory over Spence Jr., Thurman expressed his eagerness to continue participating in thrilling bouts and pay-per-view events.

Shields’ pursuit of a match against Thurman demonstrates her determination to break barriers and contribute to the evolution of boxing.