Boxing fans mock Canelo Alvarez for attempted takedown during Bivol clash

Canelo Alvarez just suffered the second loss in his professional career. Alvarez previously lost ot Floyd Mayweather back in 2013.

Alvarez went into the bout with Bivol, determined to win. While Bivol is undefeated, Alvarez is a megastar in the sport – as evidenced by the pay disparity. While Bivol is expected to cash in career high of around $5 million for the bout – Alvarez could potentially earn 10 times the amount.

The Russian was dominating the bout despite the judges score cards painting it  closer contest story.

Alvarez picked up Bivol at one point in frustration and wanted to body slam him.

This prompted a lot of boxing fans to mock Alvarez.

After all was said and done Bivol even joked about Alvarez claiming that the boxing bout only caused him arm pain.

” In my mind I just beat the guy who wanted my belt. He was a super-middleweight. Yes, he had a belt before at light-heavyweight [when Canelo beat Sergey Kovalev, another Russian, in 2019] but I don’t feel like I am the king today. ”

“I’m just better than Canelo today. I don’t even feel I am the best in the light‑heavyweight division because I don’t have all the belts. I’m just one of the best.”