Boxing fans fume over Usyk vs Joshua having the highest PPV cost in UK TV HISTORY

Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua are nearing to their historic clash scheduled to take place on August 20th in Saudi Arabia.

Sky Sports will once again stream the heavyweight title clash despite Joshua signing an exclusive agreement with broadcaster DAZN.

Sky have increased the PPV cost to £27 for the upcoming fight which is £2 more expensive than the last bout between the two. That’s roughly $33 US dollars for those counting at home. OF course this is a breeze compared to UFC’s hefty prices.

The cost of being a UFC fan has never been higher. To keep up with the prestigious MMA promotion you have to shell out $9.99 a month for UFC FP, $5.99 for ESPN plus and of course there are the 13 UFC PPVs per year, each costing you $75.99 plus 7% tax.

All in all this totals up to just over 1,262$ per year.

UK fans are still outraged and propose ‘streaming alternatives’.

One social media user joked that the hiked price was due to inflation, while another insisted they will instead head to the pub to the watch the upcoming bout and calling Sky ‘robbing b*******’.

Meanwhile there’s still the issue of sportswashing. While everyone is busy villainizing Russia, including the aforementioned Oleksandr Usyk, Saudi Arabia is also in the midst of a war – and one they’re the aggressors in.

Both Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk have been asked to speak out about humanitarian issues by Amnesty International, a human rights organization. However, during a recent interview for his match, Anthony Joshua said that he doesn’t even know about said term. Instead, the 32-year-old thinks Saudi Arabia has done great things for sports.

“I don’t know what that [sportswashing] is. I’m here to win the heavyweight championship of the world. I like Saudi. I think Saudi’s good. I’m having a good time here. I’m treated really well.” Joshua said to reporters.

‘AJ’ added that he only wants to enjoy competing in boxing and having a good time.

“All that allegation stuff, for me, I’m not caught up in any of that stuff. I’m here to have a good time, mix with the local people, and bring entertainment to Saudi.” Joshua added.