Boxing fans are left startled as boxer’s ear ‘bursts’ during super-featherweight title bout

In a surprising turn of events during the world title clash between Filipino super-flyweight contender Jade Bornea and Fernando Martinez, Bornea’s ear suffered a major injury. The intense bout left boxing fans in disbelief as Bornea’s blood splattered on a ringside camera, creating a truly stomach-churning spectacle.

Throughout the match, Bornea’s right ear swelled up under the relentless barrage of left hooks from Martinez. With each strike, the damage to Bornea’s ear accumulated. This ended up leading to a grotesque outcome.

It was during the ninth round when the pressure became unbearable, causing his ear to burst open. The ring ropes and a nearby camera lens were covered in a disturbing display of blood.

The major injury startled even the promoters PBC who expressed their astonishment on their official Twitter account. They described the incident by stating: “Jade Bornea’s ear just… exploded? Blood is literally pouring down the side of Bornea’s face, spraying on the glass of the camera.”

Boxing fans shared a similar sentiment, with one Twitter user exclaiming: “Don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.”

The graphic nature of the incident prompted another fan to write, “Note to self: never look at Twitter again while having breakfast.”

Adding a touch of humor, a third fan compared it to the infamous ear-biting incident involving Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, jokingly remarking: “AWESOME not even Mike with his teeth did something like that.”

Despite the excruciating injury, Bornea displayed remarkable resilience. He continued to compete for two more rounds. However, the contest was eventually stopped in the eleventh round due to the severity of the damage.

Martinez successfully defended his IBF super-flyweight belt for the second time, maintaining an unbeaten professional record of 16-0. Unfortunately the match resulted in Bornea’s first defeat in the paid ranks, ending his previously impressive record of 18-0.

The loss signifies a setback in Bornea’s career, but it does not diminish his potential to bounce back and achieve future successes.