Boxing champ Ebanie Bridges urges McGregor to join OF

Irish MMA icon Conor McGregor has received advice from BF bantamweight world champion Ebanie Bridges to consider joining OF as a means to establish a deeper connection with his fans. Bridges herself maintains a highly successful OF account, and advocates for other celebrities and athletes to explore this platform.

Boxers like Derek Chisora and Mikaela Mayer have followed in Bridges’ footsteps by signing up for OF. While commonly associated with adult content, OF has become a versatile platform for various purposes. Not limited to just one kind of material, it offers opportunities for sharing exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of training and other kinds of content.

According to Bridges, McGregor may have contemplated the idea of joining OnlyFans. While talking to OnlyAccounts., Bridges stated: “He [Conor] might have some ideas of doing it [OF]. I do give a lot of people the idea though of joining OnlyFans – especially women as some people look down on it as a bad thing.”

“But it’s not, it’s exclusive content from athletes and celebrities – it doesn’t need to be s*x and porn as it’s not like that. I’m not a blogger or Instagram a lot by telling people all the time what I’m doing, but on my OnlyFans, I do.”

Ebanie also says that she herself is not an avid blogger or an Instagram enthusiast, but she actively engages with her fans on OnlyFans. She often shares updates on her life and offers glimpses into her daily routine and behind-the-scenes experiences.

“So all the fans know what I’m up to – at home or when out, plus behind the scenes. While it’s been good during the injury as a way to keep in touch with all my fans.”

The first encounter between Conor McGregor and Ebanie Bridges took place at the ringside during the Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron bout last month. Bridges expressed her admiration for McGregor.

She said: “He’s lovely [Conor McGregor] – me and Conor have been talking for a while – he’s always supported my career; I’ve talked to him online and he sends me messages before my fights and has invited me to Ireland a few times and is nice to have that support and friendship.”

“Recently was obviously the first time I’d seen him in person and that was great after the conversations we’ve had online. He’s awesome and so effervescent and has that energy – when Conor walks in the room he lights it up and he’s very inspiring.”

In her last match in December of the previous year, Bridges defended her world title by knocking out Shannon O’Connell. Ebanie Bridges has been on a break due to a hand injury sustained during the match. But she is now back in training and is preparing for a comeback in July.

Considering the success of McGregor forever on Netflix and his recent infamy – that might just happen.