Boxing Association of Thailand is suing ONE Championship for violating the Boxing Act

It looks like the Professional Boxing Association of Thailand is suing ONE Championship.

The reason for the lawsuit is that the Singaporean promotion is labeling non-Muay Thai  bouts with the name of the legendary martial art.

This goes against the Boxing Act of Thailand.

Apparently, Thailand’s law prevents promoting a modified version of the sport — Muay Thai fights with MMA gloves that go multiple rounds.

Muay Thai is a traditional martial art from Thailand. The plaintiffs feel like ONE is appropriating Thai culture by using the Muay Thai name.

Songpol Pongsawang, who’s the VP of Professional Boxing Development of the Thai Boxing Association, has said the following:

“We will protect the art of Muay Thai, which is the national treasure of Thai people that we, Thai people, must preserve for our children.”

“Upon inspection, it was found that Boxing ONE does not follow the standard rules and regulations for boxing competitions according to the Thai Boxing Act of 2002.” he further said.

Pongsawang says that “Muay Thai fighters must pay homage to teachers, wear auspicious clothes and dress neatly,”

It should be known that the Thai government is very conservative when it comes to the art. MMA was banned for a long time in the country because it felt like it would threaten the superiority of Muay Thai.

It even hesitated to regulate the art for fear of ruining something that’s part of Thai heritage.

Chatri Trisiripisal, known by the ring names Chatri Sityodtong and Yodchatri Sityodtong, is of Thai origin but resides in Singapore nowadays.

He held an MMA event in Bangkok along with a rock concert to legitimize the ‘entertainment’ aspect of it. He did it by obtaining permission from the authorities though.

Almost a decade later after Chatri’s struggles, MMA is now dominant in Thailand while traditional Muay Thai has lost its place. Most of the stadiums and arenas which hosted traditional Muay Thai events are now holding sanctioned MMA bouts.

“Sergeant Tu” Songphon Pongsawang came to meet and handed over the book.
Director of Boxing Office, Palat Suwannametakorn
Ready to post…explaining the reason
“This matter, I confirm again. according to what we talked about
to protect the art of Muay Thai, which is
A national treasure of Thailand, of Thai people, that we are Thai people.
We must preserve it for our children.
So I have to talk in order to understand the Director of the Office
Boxing The story of boxing ONE CHAMPIONSHIP
that it was done correctly according to the rules and regulations of Muay Thai
Or not, and I don’t take it personally.
made on behalf of the Professional Boxing Association of Thailand
which I myself am Vice President of Boxing Sports Development
Career of the Professional Boxing Association of Thailand
Upon inspection, it was found that Boxing ONE does not follow.
Standard rules and regulations for
Boxing Competition (No. 2) 2013, Region 4
Other boxing sports to practice as
according to the Boxing Act of 2002
Ministerial regulations and other regulations Related
I’ll give you an example to see if in this regulation
Muay Thai fighters must pay homage to teachers, wear auspicious clothes, and dress up.
to be neat like Muay Thai that fight each other today
But ONE doesn’t follow the rules. who went to ask for permission and then
The ONE boxing idiot loves the money he threw for him.
Why not follow the rules
If you guys do it, it’s over. Where will I have wisdom?
to tease him and the ONE boxing fans who scolded me
Saying that he didn’t organize a boxing match, I punched him, so he came out to complain.
Let me know that I love Muay Thai. I’m a true Thai.
and love Thailand homeland that gives rice
Give me water to drink. Until today, what belongs to the Thai people?
of Thailand, I will protect it with my life.””

The facebook post reads.