Boxer who ‘knocked Floyd Mayweather’s tooth out’ wears it on a necklace

Marcos Maidana boxed Floyd Mayweather twice in 2014. Although he lost both matches on points, he left quite a mark in the second bout.

The welterweight title match between the two saw Maidana deliver a right hook in the third round that connected to Mayweather’s jaw.

In a slow-motion video of the punch, it seemed as if Mayweather’s teeth flew out as a result of the punch. Maidana now claims that he kept the tooth as a memento of that iconic punch.

Floyd Mayweather has strongly denied Maidana’s claim, stating that he did not lose a tooth as a result of Maidana’s punch. Speaking after the bout, Mayweather acknowledged that Maidana’s punch was a good shot that got his attention. However, he denied that it knocked out any of his teeth.

Mayweather stated: “In the third round, when he hit me with that shot after the bell, it was a real good shot. It got my attention. It was nothing I never felt before, but it was a really good shot which got my attention.”

“No, he didn’t knock my teeth out. Not at all! He’s a strong guy, he’s a good puncher, but no, as far as my teeth missing, absolutely not.”

Maidana recently revealed on Instagram that he wears Mayweather’s tooth as a pendant. He even tagged Mayweather in his post, asking how much he would be willing to pay for the tooth.

Maidana captioned the post (translated): “How much will Perez mouse give me?”


Since his fifth career defeat and final loss against Mayweather, Maidana has not stepped into the ring again. He announced his retirement from the sport in 2016.

Maidana explained: “After a long time out of the ring and after giving it a lot of thought since my last fight I’ve decided to hang up the gloves for good. Probably my decision would not surprise much as I had given hints of it in the last few months. But at this time I am making it official.”