Boxer Ebanie Bridges rejoices as another Boxing star opts to weigh in in minimalistic attire – perhaps even outdoing her

Mexican boxing star Sulem Urbina recently weighed-in wearing a very minimal outfit. She wore a tiny bikini during the weigh-in and stare down session.

Sulem Urbina is a Mexican-born boxer who grew up as an undocumented immigrant in Arizona. Due to her background, she had a rough time and was unable to compete in national tournaments. But, this year, the 32-year-old got confirmed as an American citizen for the first time.

She will have her dream boxing match and will compete in New York for the first time. She is booked to exchange blows with Indeya Smith this Wednesday. The whole event will consist of a five-bout card presented by Boxing Insider. The headline will be between Andy Dominguez, another Mexico transplant, and Marvin Solano.

“When I was a kid I remember watching fights all over the world and it was only a dream for me to be able to do that because I was undocumented here as a child. Now that I’m living the dream of being able to travel all over the world and fight, I feel extremely blessed.” Ubrina said.

Her fans were quick to show their appreciation when she posted an image and video of the occasion to Instagram – and Aussie boxer Ebanie Bridges was among them, responding with several fire emojis and the words ‘love thisss’.

Sulem Ubrina recently attended the official weigh-in for Wednesday’s showdown. She made headlines when she appeared wearing only a very skimpy bikini. Aside from the pretty small design, her bikini also has a pretty big cut out on the chest and groin area.

This act of wearing provocative clothing during a weigh-in might be a common thing in women’s boxing in the future.

Previously, the current IBF female bantamweight Ebanie Bridges also wore a very revealing outfit when she defended her title against Shannon O’Connel earlier this month. She caused a bit of controversy but successfully gained tons of attention.

This wasn’t even the first time Bridges had pulled a stunt like this, she’s become infamous for it.

It’s not much a surprise when you realize that Bridges was a ring girl earlier in her career and is very comfortable with her body.