Aussie boxer Ebanie Bridges is making a fortune from fans who pay her to INSULT them

Ebanie Bridges is an Australian boxing champion. Recently, she’s said that she makes a modest fortune from fans who pay to have their feelings hurt and get insulted by her.

The weird quirk is called “findom,” and Bridges is gladly profiting from it. The IBF bantamweight world champion earlier said that findom is her new source of income in addition to selling her wet socks, soiled workout clothes, and images of her feet.

Bridges told Diren Kartal

“It’s pretty much calling guys losers and they give me money. Just insulting them and they just throw money at me. They just want to give me their money. I can easily make a thousand in, like, 20 minutes.”

The former Western Sydney math teacher then revealed some of the messages she had received.

‘Hey Ebanie, I know you must get tons of DMs, just wondering if I could send you some money at all?’

Bridges claims she provided fans access to both her Amazon wish list and PayPal account.

She then posted a message from a follower who bought some items from her after paying for pictures of her feet earlier.

‘I said, “You haven’t asked for feet for ages, you don’t like them anymore?” He goes, “I love your feet, more humiliating for you to take my money and I get nothing in return.”

‘He goes, “£100 sent to your PayPal”

‘I go, “Ha ha. You’re right, it’s pretty embarrassing but it’s also humiliating paying for feet pics, don’t you think?”‘

Since moving to the UK, Bridges has gained a lot of followers because of her endearing sense of humor, no-nonsense boxing approach, not to mention weigh-in lingerie attire.

The gorgeous Australian won her eighth career battle and the IBF Bantamweight World Title. By 2024, she wants to be the division’s unchallenged champion.

The 39-year-old Australian veteran Shannon O’Connell will face Bridges next. The bout is scheduled to take place on September 26 of this year.