Boxer Anthony Joshua supporting 11-year-old who lost a finger while fleeing bullies

Combat sports invite a lot of scrutiny considering that those who have power sometimes opt to abuse it but this next case proves that martial arts are an important part of life when it’s time to pick up the pieces and overcome a situation in which you were victimized.

Boxer Anthony Joshua is one of the UK stars to lend support to an 11 year old boy who lost a finger while running away from bullies.
As per the victim’s mother, Raheem Bailey was running away from a group of children who were beating him.

Bailey was lucky to escape – but during the escape his right hand ring finger got caught while he was climbing a fence. As a result the finger had to be amputated.

This is very unfortunate for the young man considering it involves a lot of recovery and support he might need. A family had setup a gofundme so that the public could support his recovery.

Boxer Anthony Joshua sent private messages of support in addition to several footballers.

Ms Bailey said Raheem has faced “racial and physical abuse” since starting secondary school at Abertillery Learning Community in South Wales in September.

“Here’s so many people just in different places that have been so generous, and I did not expect what has happened so I am truly, truly grateful for it.”

Ms Bailey added: “Why should I send my child into school to be a punching bag?”

“I just don’t understand, something needs to be done, I think it needs a conversation to be had.”

As per the boy’s mother, the public support has really helped him pick back up and look forward.