Bodybuilder who challenged Mighty Mouse unbothered with his epic grappling match against a man twice his size

Demetrious Johnson recently had a remarkable victory over a towering 6’3, 248-pound heavyweight jiu-jitsu champion at the 2024 IBFF Masters Panam Championships in Florida. Johnson showcased his exceptional skills and agility by overcoming a significant size disadvantage.

Johnson’s victory was captured and shared on Twitter. Despite facing a larger opponent, Johnson’s technical proficiency and strategic approach prevailed.

Bradley Martyn is a fitness influencer who rose to fame by calling out MMA competitors and claiming he could beat them.

He recently weighed in on the the match by tweeting: “If he was 260. Woulda been wraps.”

Speculation about a potential grappling match between Johnson and Martyn had circulated in the past. While fans eagerly anticipated such an event, no concrete plans materialized.

In a recent revelation on his channel, Demetrious Johnson shed light on his departure from the UFC. He cited disparities in compensation as a significant factor. Johnson expressed frustration over the lack of pay-per-view points afforded to flyweight athletes, comparing it with the lucrative arrangements available to contenders in other weight classes. Despite his unparalleled success which included 11 consecutive title defenses, Johnson felt undervalued by the organization.

Responding to UFC President Dana White’s assertions about pay-per-view preferences, Johnson refuted the notion that he had declined such incentives. Johnson emphasized his desire for equitable compensation, underscoring the financial disparities within the UFC.

He said: “They specifically said, ‘we do not give pay-per-view points to flyweight guys, but if you’re a lightweight or you’re a welterweight, middleweight, heavyweight, I’ve been told that once they became champion, they got $500,000 flat and it went straight in their contract that they got pay-per-view points every single time. For me, it was never that. If I would’ve got pay-per-view points every single time I defended my belt, 11 consecutive title defenses, you put me on three Conor McGregor cards, yeah.”

Despite the challenges faced during his tenure with the UFC, Johnson harbors no ill will towards Dana White or the organization. His transition to ONE Championship in 2018 culminated in a successful reign as the flyweight champion. Johnson’s resilience and unwavering dedication to his craft have solidified his legacy as one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time.