Bobby Green confirms he tested positive for PEDs, Suspended by USADA

UFC lightweight Bobby Green went live on instagram yesterday. In the video he admitted that he had tested positive for the PED – dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

Bobby was removed from his scheduled match at UFC 276 in July this year against Jim Miller, citing an undisclosed reason. Green disclosed the reason in the video he uploaded on his social media.

In the video, Bobby claimed he did not take any PEDs in his 20-year career. He explained the whole situation in the video.

Green explained:
“I’ve never tested positive for anything in my 20 years career in my sport.”

He explained he was unaware that an over the counter supplement could be cause for a failed test.

Bobby stated that he asked what he tested positive for. He was informed that he took DHEA, a USADA-banned substance.

Ashley Evans Smith was banned for 14 months for DHEA use earlier this year.

“I’m crushed. I’m like, What the f**k? I had no idea, guys, what I was doing, that it was wrong, that there was any benefits to that to what I was doing… I would never try to lie “

“I’m against PEDs. I would never even think about those things. I’ve never even looked at the site to know what is banned and what is not. I don’t give a f**k because I don’t pay attention to”

After knowing his positive test, his bout with veteran Jim Miller was cancelled.

Bobby Green further explained that he had no idea what he was taking at the time. He also said that he never intended to do it. Still, he did not blame anyone for this and took all the blame on himself.

Interestingly, Green and his father lodged some heavy duty PED use accusations on Petr Yan and Rafael Fiziev last year.

Green and his father were present for an interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast, where they talked about PEDs and MMA.

Bobby Green and his father blamed fighters who visited Muay Thai in Thailand became consumers of PEDS and St*roids. He said,
“If you train in Thailand I’ll be kind of suspect about you. Because they can get d–gs over the counter like, like ste–ids and s–t like that, like cough syrup.”
Rogan asked whether USADA visited Thailand or not, to which Green’s father replied,
“F— no. “Let me tell you , me talking about it- I’m not afraid to talk about it.”

They blamed Peter Yan specifically for consuming these banned substances during his stay in Thailand.

Bobby Green is an MMA veteran who last competed in February this year against Islam Makhachev.

Bobby Green has an MMA record consisting of 29 wins and 13 losses. It is one of the most challenging times in his life dealing with all this stuff.
USADA tested Green after his bout with Makhachev. USADA chased him to his old house and his gym to take samples. Green explained that he was pi**ed off by this chasing in a video. He said,

“F*** USADA, y’all can suck my d***! These n***** came last week or the week before, already tested me, here they are pulling me again. I bought a new crib so I can get my training in, here these n***** come talk about you didn’t show up so I gotta miss my little whereabouts.”

He further stated, “Practice today ain’t till 6 o’clock tonight so we didn’t have practice but they were at the gym and they were looking when I wasn’t at that house, stupid. This is ridiculous, this s**t is ridiculous! I got no goddamn PL. Tell them I said, ‘s**k my d***!'”