Bo Nickal insists there was no groin shot despite the Video evidence

Bo Nickal made his presence felt in the MMA world with a statement victory over Jamie Pickett at UFC 285.

Despite being a UFC debutant at the time, Nickal showcased his superior wrestling skills and secured a first-round submission win. However, the bout was marred by controversy. Pickett’s manager accused Nickal of kneeing Pickett’s groin, causing a stir among fans and prompting an official appeal.

In a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, the 27-year-old defended his actions and clarified the events surrounding the incident.

Nickal explained that Pickett himself was not upset about the knee, but rather his manager was the one who contested the decision.

During the interview, Nickal recounted how Pickett had actually praised and commended him after, indicating that the knee had not caused significant harm.

The commentary team also seemed oblivious to what transpired.



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Nickal also emphasized that if he had landed a low blow, Pickett’s reaction would have been markedly different.

Nickal went on to address the controversial knee, stating that upon reviewing the footage, the angle presented to viewers was not entirely accurate. He clarified that he had struck Pickett on the inside of the thigh, not in the groin area as some had speculated.

“I got him right on the inside of the thigh and I saw his reaction. I don’t think, I actually, I know for a fact I didn’t actually hit him in the n*ts,” Nickal explained.

Despite the negative attention surrounding the incident, Nickal remains focused on his goals and is determined to continue his success in the octagon. With an undefeated record of 4-0 and impressive wrestling credentials, Nickal is certainly the man to watch in the competitive world of UFC middleweights.