BKFC scrap: Brawl breaks out after a disqualification for headbutting

After Jack Grady was disqualified for purposely headbutting his opponent twice, Ryan Reber and other BKFC brawlers engaged in a chaotic altercation at BKFC 32 on Saturday night.

Grady purposefully backed Reber up against the ropes in the first few seconds of the bout. He headbutted Reber which caused the referee to stop the action. Grady was docked one point, and the match was resumed.

After that, the action definitely became more intense as Reber caught Grady with an obvious late punch after the first round had ended, prompting the referee to give a warning.

Most of the second round’s action went smoothly for the competitors. That is until Grady once again forced his opponent up against the ropes with 20 seconds remaining and landed another headbutt. When the referee had had enough, he separated the combatants and declared the match over.

At that time, Reber moved in close to his adversary and impersonated “Stone Cold” Steve Austin by flipping Grady.

Grady responded by shoving Reber to the ropes and taking an uppercut as payback. To put an end to the unplanned altercation, the corners of both men jumped into the squared circle. Reber watched as Grady was tackled to the ground by BKFC President Dave Feldman as he entered the ring from the other side.

On BKFC’s Instagram, another view of the altercation and Dave Feldman’s participation in it can be seen.

BKFC has been leaning into the viral angle. For starters they were super interested in promoting Tai Emery and her flashing viral stint.

They also followed that up by sharing and even video editing a dog get threatened during one of their face offs.

Luckily that was a straight forward stunt.