BJ Penn wants Elon Musk to help ‘landlocked’ Hawaii if elected governor

Based on the coverage of the recent BJ Penn guest spot on Joe Rogan Experience, you’d think Joe Rogan was grilling Penn. Penn sat down with Rogan several days ago to vax nostalgic about his MMA career and get one up on his political competition – but to the chagrin of the audience – Penn was very unprepared.

From the get go of the interview, Penn would bring up issues but then be unable to explain why they’re issues or how he would fix them. Rogan proved himself as a sympathetic ear and steered the majority of the conversation toward martial arts and UFC lore.

Rogan even sat through an entire tirade where BJ explained that Hawaii was ‘landlocked’ – and how he would ask Elon Musk to fix it.

“Hawaii’s got so many different problems with our housing problem, our energy problems, now with everything with the gas. And I really wanna invite Elon Musk to come over and see if he could help us with Hawaii because [it’s not] a landlocked state and everything comes in off the boat.”

Penn also went on to complain about Covid rules, State income taxes and regulations and how long it takes to get something approved – but provided no solution or concrete information about the ordeal.