Bisping slams Nate Diaz for arrest, more UFC stars react

At the DAZN Misfits 006 boxing match this past weekend, Nate Diaz was there to support his teammate Chris Avila. During the event, Diaz was caught on camera hurling a water bottle at reality TV personality Chase DeMoor at ringside which went viral.

After that scrap, the Stockton native got into another violent encounter on the streets of New Orleans. He got into trouble with a Logan Paul look-a-like named Rodney Petersen.

Peterson was knocked to sleep by a guillotine from Diaz, who was also seen executing a knee to the body. As a result, the New Orleans Police Department issued an arrest warrant for Diaz. They are charging him with a second-degree battery.

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping has shared his thoughts on Nate Diaz’s recent night of trouble in New Orleans. Bisping believes that Diaz’s antics are simply a ploy to generate buzz for his upcoming match against social media star Jake Paul.

On his YouTube channel, Bisping suggested that Diaz may face severe consequences for his actions. This may also include a potential lawsuit from the man he rendered unconscious.

“He’s almost 40 years old. Got to be careful because one day that could catch up with you. Remember, a lot of people are carrying guns these days. He could have been stabbed. The guy could have cracked his head as he went down. Fortunately, none of that happened and he’s not even gonna sue him. ”

Despite the negative attention and the arrest warrant, Bisping believes that there’s no such thing as bad press. He said: “There’s no such thing as bad press. Nate Diaz is the talk of the town, but at his age, I think now he should stop doing that.”

“Again, I’m not talking s**t. He’s an enigmatic charismatic figure. He’s got ridiculously wild passionate fans and rightfully so. ”

Additionally, Anthony Smith also discussed the incident on Bisping & Smith’s BYM podcast. Smith explained that as UFC stars, they are more prone to incidents. With that in mind, he chooses not to go out at night to prevent such things from happening.

He said: “I’m happy that there wasn’t a video of a UFC fighter beating the s**t out of someone on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, that’s a bad look for the sport but I mean what do you do? Like, I don’t know what started that altercation but if you got someone coming at you [like that], I’d probably choke him too.”

Also, Sean O’Malley recently uploaded a video on YouTube in which he discussed the incident of seeing Diaz choke Peterson in public. O’Malley criticized Peterson’s behavior in approaching Diaz while questioning his motivations.

O’Malley: “What’s the point of rolling up to him in the first place with your hands up? Why not just not roll up to him. What’s the point of that? Just don’t walk towards him. It’s loud, it’s crazy.”

“If you really want to have a conversation with him, I don’t know if that’s the best way. That dude was tall big. How did Nate reach around his neck? Had him in a headlock, slept him, and the knee in the gut.”

Nate Diaz’s night at New Orleans this past weekend has certainly raised some eyebrows, and it seems that UFC stars have a lot to say on the matter.