Bisping shades UFC vet for wanting to box to resolve a beef with Jake Shields

UFC vet Mike Jackson has been slammed by Michael Bisping for wanting to box Jake Shields.

Jackson wants to have a boxing match with the MMA veteran, to settle the score. The two have been feuding ever since Jackson branded Shields as a racist.

After heated exchanges on social media, the two finally got into a physical conflict. Shields attacked Jackson at the UFC PI and took him down. The two tussled and Shields slapped him from a dominant position.

The two were separated by others in the gym and the clip of the incident went viral.

Later, the two would threaten each other with legal action online. Jackson has gone a step further though, seeking retaliation against Shields in a boxing match. Former UFC middleweight champion and pundit Michael Bisping reacted to this.

Due to the way in which Jackson got dominated by Shields, Bisping thinks that a boxing match is a foolish idea. He spoke about it on his s, Bisping thinks that a boxing match is a foolish idea. He spoke about it on the Believe You Me Podcast, and said the following:

“I’ve never heard something so stupid in my entire life. Never heard something so stupid.”

“A boxing match? Jake Shields took you down, got on top of you and you begged people, begged people! To get him off of you. You should be embarrassed. Stay off social media for good. You’re a fool.”

Others on social media feel the same way, particularly because of the differences in skill and experience between the two.

Shields is an accomplished combat sports figure with a career spanning more than 23 years. A former UFC middleweight title contender, he’s won world titles in several MMA organizations, including Strikeforce. He’s also won a bronze at the ADCC.

Meanwhile, Jackson has been termed as more of a ‘wedding photographer’ than a mixed martial artist. He has a losing record in MMA and was almost dropped from the UFC after the CM Punk outing.

It should be noted that he is undefeated in the boxing ring though, with a 4-0 record. He has racked up these wins over obscure boxers.