Bisping Questions Authenticity of viral clip in which MMA Star Threw Up Blue: ‘There was no retching there’

In an viral incident during an amateur MMA event put on by Dynasty Combat Sports, one of the stars unexpectedly threw up blue liquid inside the cage, leading to a “vomit TKO” stoppage.

The eccentric ending to the bout between Kwajuan Mensah and Zach Williams has raised questions, including from former UFC star Michael Bisping.

On a recent episode of Michael Bisping’s podcast, Bisping watched footage of the vomiting incident and theorized that the star may have intentionally thrown up in an attempt to get out of the booking.

“What do we know what round this was?” Bisping asked after viewing the clip. “The other reason I ask is because as I see, it looked like he just went blue and then to his mouth. It didn’t look like he went ‘ugh’ and threw up. There was no retching there.”

Bisping agreed the vomiting seemed out of the ordinary, speculating “It looked like a mouthful of Powerade like a guy trying to not fight.”

Bisping continued, “Yeah, no, exactly. That’s where I’m going with this…The referee did the right thing by calling it off, and he can’t be throwing up mid-fight. You know, I’d expect you to puke if you were grappling with me, slithering in your throw up, getting ground and pounded in your face with chunks of carrot in you know what I mean? Disgusting.”

The UFC commentator contender questioned what could have caused the peculiar blue vomit, guessing it may have been the sports drink based on the color. However, Bisping seemed convinced something was amiss based on the suddenness and lack of retching beforehand.

“I can’t think one of the reasons why you would have blue liquid in your mouth,” he said. “It’s gotta be some kind of sports drink. And most likely, yeah, probably PRIME…it makes sense.”

While vomiting can occasionally occur in combat sports from the exertion and strain, Bisping alleged the guy’s actions looked intentional to avoid continuing the bout. The commentary sparked a discussion about maintaining composure and cardio as fights grow more grueling.

Whether the vomiting was truly an attempt to get out of the fight remains unknown. But the incident has raised eyebrows from fans and MMA stars alike.