Bellator refutes Dillon Danis’ claim that he had to pay them to box KSI

Scott Coker just refuted Dillon Danis’s claim of paying Bellator to allow him to compete elsewhere.

The Bellator CEO seemed flustered with the controversial personality. He said that Danis didn’t have to pay the company anything. He also wants him to come back to the cage and compete in MMA, or leave the company.

Previously, Danis said that he had to give Showtime, the parent company of Bellator, a cut when he was going to box KSI. He said it was because he was going to feature on DAZN, which is a rival of Showtime.

Danis said that he “had to pay a hefty fee” as per as his contractual obligations. He bragged about the fee being more than what “every UFC [fighter makes].”

After making all these claims, Danis still pulled out of the match 12 days before it happened.

Coker was asked about this while talking to Cageside Press. He said that it is all a farce and Bellator didn’t take any money from Danis to allow him to box elsewhere.

“Listen, Dillon Danis said we take money from his purse, we don’t take money from his purse. Okay? Let’s make that very clear,” the Bellator boss said.

He also talked about Danis’s inactivity in the cage. While Danis is quite active at trolling people on social media, it has been years since he last fought in MMA. Coker said that he’s confused about what Danis’s management wants.

“I talked to his management the other day, and I keep asking them, what do you guys really want to do? Really, it’s up to you guys. We can’t make you come fight.”

He said that if Danis wants to fight, he should since he already has fights remaining on his contract. Otherwise, he should leave the company.

“But we also have to have realistic expectations, I could go into an hour discussion about Dillon, but look. We’re a fight company. You want to come fight? Come fight.” he told the press.

“And it’s that simple to me. You already have a contract in place, let’s pick a date, pick an opponent, and let’s go. Or, let’s move on. That’s it.”