Bare knuckle match goes viral after completely altering a competitors look

A bare-knuckle boxing match in Russia is being hailed as one of the most impactful combat sports matches in history. The match took place at Top Dog 19 in February and involved two warriors known as Ebosher and Shaman, competing under the promotion Top Dog FC.

Ayanchy “Shaman” Bayir-ool made a dramatic entrance, wearing a dog collar similar to the one famously used by UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya in the movie ‘Unleashed.’ However, Shaman’s appearance was no gimmick, as he demonstrated his warrior spirit during the bout.

From the moment the match began, both displayed their determination. They exchanged blows, each trying to finish the other as quickly as possible. Ebosher gained the upper hand, landing more punches and even knocking Shaman down. However, Shaman refused to concede and quickly got back on his feet.

At this point, Shaman’s face was already covered and he had significant swelling. Despite these hinderances, he continued and waved off concern. The match was briefly paused by the referee due to Shaman’s nose.

After a quick examination, the match resumed. From this point onwards, Ebosher became increasingly dominant, landing powerful blows while evading Shaman’s counterattacks.

Throughout the first and second rounds, the referee frequently stopped the match to check on Shaman’s condition.

As the third round began, Shaman’s face was altered, with numerous cuts, broken bones, and severe swelling. Yet, he still refused to quit. In the final minute of the third round, his corner finally decided to withdraw him from the match, giving Ebosher the victory.

Bare-knuckle boxing is known for detrimental effect it has on a competitor’s face. Without gloves, athletes can throw more punches, leading to fewer concussions but an increased risk of cuts and facial bone fractures. Despite that BKFC fans cite that the impact is actually reduced due to the danger it presents to the puncher’s arm.