Awkward: Dustin Poirier was asked about Islam Makhachev’s diss of his jiu-jitsu

At UFC 281, Dustin Poirier will compete against former Bellator lightweight champion Michael Chandler.

In an interview with BT Sport before the highly anticipated UFC PPV, Poirier was asked how he felt about the current lightweight champion Islam Makhachev disputing his black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Islam Makhachev has before made fun of Dustin Poirier’s BJJ abilities by referencing his match with Charles Oliveira. Naturally, he wasn’t impressed.

According to Makhachev, many black belts are making jiu-jitsu look bad.

“Black belt. Who give him that? We have to check that brother.”

“And we have to cancel many black belts [because] they make Jiu-Jitsu look bad. Because a lot of guys have black belt but I don’t know [if they have the skills].”

Poirier’s response to such an assertion was,

“It’s definitely an insult, But it is what it is”.

He was also questioned whether he would consider competing against Islam in the future as a means of atoning for the Khabib defeat.

“I mean, it’s fun. It’s it’s cool storyline and story play, but that’s not like a driving passion of mine.”

 Poirier is 33 years old and is very aware that he has to build a future for himself outside of MMA. This is why he leveraged his star power to get a deal with UFC to promote his product – Louisiana hot sauce.

 Poirier was cited in the news release:

“It means a lot to have Poirier’s Louisiana Style named the first-ever Official Hot Sauce of UFC. Putting in the work – whether it’s training for the next fight, creating a hot sauce company, or helping through our Good Fight Foundation – it’s all about building a legacy for my family and my community.”
“These hot sauces come from the cuisine I grew up with in Lafayette, Louisiana. These are my roots, and I’m excited for UFC fans to share the Cajun flavors I love.”

As an Official Partner of UFC, Poirier’s Louisiana Style will be promoted via branded content on UFC’s well-known social media and digital platforms. The promotion gas a global audience of over 200 million followers.