Aussie boxer Ebanie Bridges opens up on pub brawl in which she ‘ripped a woman’s mouth open’

Australian boxer Ebanie Bridges has admitted that she left her adversary bleeding profusely after the two got into a violent bar disagreement .

The 35-year-old IBF bantamweight world champion admitted surprisingly that she used all her strength to strike the lady and used her finger like a “fish hook” to inflict a face injury that seemed to be rather severe.

Due to legal concerns, Bridges, who is now a resident of the UK, refrained from going into too much information about the event.

Bridges spoke on the Raw:TFW podcast on IFL TV. She said,

‘I did have a pub fight where I was sitting with my friends. These big Islander girls. Group of five of them. I’m like, “Can you move over a little bit? You keep knocking me when you’re talking.

‘These people said, “Oh? You constantly being knocked on?” and began to give me s***. I’m not a trouble starter, it takes a lot. My friend is getting wound up. They kept going on and my friend said she had my back so I took my watch off, ready.’

‘I’ve gone bang with all my might in this girl’s face. I don’t even know what happened, I was sitting down and it felt like they were hammer hitting, slapping my head.’

‘I couldn’t do anything because I had one arm covering my face and I’m sitting down. I felt her mouth, so I put my fingers in her mouth, and I ripped her whole mouth open with a big fish hook.’

‘There was blood everywhere, it was nuts. I got up and I had teeth bite marks on me and everything and we ran outside of the club. It was crazy, I remember I went down to the restaurant with my hair all hanging out, blood all over my hands and bite marks all over me.’

‘I remember cleaning myself up and my friend was like ‘where are you? What did you do to that girl?’

‘Her boyfriend comes down and goes ‘what did you do to her?’. She was sitting there with blood p***ing out of her mouth, because I must have ripped her inner gum open.

‘That was fun. I mean there’s more, I push-kicked a girl, I elbowed a girl, but mind you, they all f***ing started with me.’

Bridges has gained a ton of admirers in the UK after moving there because of her endearing sense of humor, no-nonsense boxing approach, and weigh-in lingerie attire.

In only her eighth professional boxing bout, the former math teacher won the IBF Bantamweight World Title. By 2024, she wants to be the division’s unchallenged champion.

The 39-year-old Australian veteran “Shotgun” Shannon O’Connell will face Bridges next. The match is scheduled to take place on September 26 of this year.

The rivalry between Bridges and O’Connell is widely known in the boxing community. The two have recently exchanged insults on social media, guaranteeing a fan friendly viewing experience when the two Australians square off.