Ariel Helwani just made fun of Brendan Schaub without even mentioning his name

Couple days ago clips of Brendan Schaub ranting about Fred Rogers started popping up. Fred Rogers was a beloved personality hosting a children’s program for a number of years. Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood ran from 1968 to 2001. A movie was recently made about him starring Tom Hanks.

“Did Mr. Rogers drink on the show? He sure did. It was just off air. He was hammered. 90% of the time. It means he enjoyed his live chat about. It’s not he knows kids and have them sit on his lap and s*it in a beat down basement. You know, he was a sniper in the military, like one of the most decorated snipers.” Schaub told his dedicated audience on a recent edition of the Schaub show.

Of course none of that is true. Navy issued a denial that Rogers had ever served because that was an urban myth.

“While there are rumors that Mr. Rogers, the host of internationally acclaimed TV show for children – Mister Roger’s Neighborhood, served as a Navy SEAL or a Marine Scout Sniper during the Vietnam era with a large number of confirmed kills, we have to state it is false. Mr. Rogers never served in the military,” say the former SEALs.

Not to mention he was a vegan who didn’t drink at all. As far as any incidents the only mention of him drinking was on a parody episode of The Simpsons – which the writer said he regretted after meeting Rogers’ wife.

The interesting thing is that people often end up talking about themselves when they talk about others.


Helwani heard about the bit and decided to have some fun. On the last night’s edition of the MMA Hour Helwani gave a nod to the homeless cats saying:

“Did you guys know? I can’t believe this. I just read this. Did you guys know that Mister Rogers used to be in the Navy? Tatted up. The sniper. Sniper killed guy. Never knew that. That’s crazy. Just like a whole other life that we never knew about. Used to drink before the show. He was completely like, wasted it’s crazy.”


For those unaware, Schaub has been on the back foot ever since he decided to once again share a UFC version of the story surrounding UFC 200 – which got Helwani banned. Fresh out from under his ESPN contract, Helwani retaliated revealing that many MMA insiders know about Schaub’s plagiarism in addition to paying people to do his shows and or presenting himself as a gatekeeper to Joe Rogan Experience.

“And then you steal our ideas and our contents. You do it to Luke (Thomas), you do it to Brian (Campbell), you do it to me, you do it to everyone. You steal our ideas and you sit there and you pass them off as your own and you even botch it when you do it. You botch it when you do it every single time. You sit there and you rip off our ideas. It’s plagiarism 101, except you’re not writing anything, you’re saying it and it’s harder to catch that way. But trust me we’re all on to you.

You sit there, and you talk about Tyson Fury being your favorite fighter. And then you say that you want to slit your wrist when you hear about mental health and Tyson Fury. You truly loveTyson Fury, you fake phony, you care about his struggles with mental health.

So you could say all that you want about the 17 guests you could say all that you want about the fighters I love talking to the fighters.

I will always love talking about the fighters and at least I don’t pay them to come on my show. At least I don’t have to pay them to come hang out and eat a taco with me. And at least I don’t have them say:” hey you got to do this show, if you want to do this show,”. You know what I’m talking about. If you want to shoot, we’ll shoot. Stop talking about things when you’re living in a glass house and you have no idea what is going on. “

Schaub spreading urban myths is nothing new especially considering Joe Rogan was bamboozled into spreading kids in litterboxes hoax earlier this week.