Ariel Helwani calls out Pimblett for trying to play it off like he’s the victim in beef

Paddy Pimblett just launched an anti-bullying foundation. But the timing is unfortunate considering he tried to bully one of the biggest names in MMA media at the same time. – and it hilariously backfired.

Helwani refuted the whole thing point by point and won in the court of public opinion. But Pimblett just couldn’t let it die there and instead went on to do more interviews and claim that he had contacted Helwani to hang out while they were in New York – not to do an appearance on his show.

Paddy told ‘ Shakiel Mahjouri:

“You wanted me to not do a paid gig, to do something for free with him and somehow people have defended him. Simple. That’s simple. I don’t need to talk about it anymore because that’s what the f**k he’s come out with is false narrative and made the big said that didn’t bother him but he made an hour and 15 minute video about it.”

adding:” He’s out to lie and make himself look good. Readin’ our private messages but we’ll address this after the fight. Me and me manager don’t you worry. We’ve got all the stuff there and he’s going to look like an idiot.”

But UFC 282 is now done and Pimblett has refused to address it beyond trying to pull a fast one on Joe Rogan during his in cage speech.

This prompted Helwani to once again respond to the situation – and address Pimblett’s attempt to make himself into a victim:

“So. Pound signs and dollar signs again, (I) don’t profit off of any of the fighters. He’s trying to do the old, you know, I saw him as I’m the victim here. Even though they brought it up, they started it. They’re the ones that talked about private conversations. ‘I’m the victim here. I was stabbed in the back, he’s the bad guy’.”

“When in reality, I’ve never said anything negative about him publicly. I backed him when everyone was talking about the 12 and 12. I criticized his manager. Yes, but I backed him and his skills and have been backing him for quite some time, as you all know. And so this whole thing where he’s trying to make himself out to be the victim, that he just wanted to hang out.”

“It’s like it’s kind of I hate to say it, it’s it’s a little bit sad. It’s a it’s disappointing. Why don’t we just let this die? Because he’s like, even you look it on his face when he’s talking about this stuff, he’s trying to make it out to be like, I’m the one that started this. I’m the one that betrayed him.”