Andrew Tate has a fan in UFC star Colby Covington, who admits he tries to ‘model’ himself after the influencer

Former UFC interim welterweight champion Colby Covington is no stranger to controversy. He strategically adopts a provocative persona to garner maximum fan attention. Unsurprisingly, he has recently publicly declared himself a fan of Andrew Tate.

In an exclusive interview with James Lynch, Covington openly expressed his admiration for Tate. He is a former kickboxer turned social media influencer and has found himself entangled in various controversies. These range from his widely criticized misogynistic viewpoints to the serious human trafficking and s*xual assault charges he currently faces.

Despite the controversy surrounding Tate, Covington unflinchingly aligns himself with this polarizing figure.

Covington recently stated: “I think that people are trying to paint them in a bad light and project something onto them that’s not true. I have no problems with those guys, I actually look up to those guys, I think they’re very well-spoken and, you know, I try and model myself a little bit sometimes like those guys.”

Colby Covington asserts that the Tate brothers have been unfairly characterized. He is not alone in his admiration, as UFC combatant Aljamain Sterling was once photographed with them and even voiced his support on Twitter. This led to backlash from the MMA community.

Sean O’Malley recently won against Aljamain Sterling to get the bantamweight title. He is another combatant who proudly identifies as a Tate fan. O’Malley was photographed with Tate in Abu Dhabi ahead of UFC 280.=

Andrew Tate is primarily known for his kickboxing career and also dabbled in mixed martial arts. His MMA journey was brief and unfolded exclusively in the Ultimate Warrior Challenge.

Of the three MMA bouts he participated in, Tate secured victories in two. He won one of them via first-round knockout. Regrettably, he suffered a unanimous decision loss to Reza Meldavian in one of his encounters.