Andrew Tate believes he could have made it into UFC if he had focused on MMA

Andrew Tate talked a little bit about the decision to choose a professional kickboxing career over a potential career in the UFC when he was active in combat sports.

Tate acquired prominence on social media in recent years for his provocative opinions on a variety of topics, including his (inflammatory) views on women. He competed in mixed martial arts several times as well as kickboxing. Tate claims to have a record of 43 wins with nine losses, prior to his recent rise to fame.

The former kickboxing superstar also claimed to have a perfect record in the ring as both an amateur and a professional, reigning as a four-time world champion. Tate acknowledged that a lot has changed on the MMA scene since he last competed.

He discussed his career with Sean O’Malley on his YouTube channel.

Tate stated:

“I try and watch the UFC but where I am in the Romania; it is hard but I catch bits of it. Without a question, if I were to restart my career, I would have looked to join the UFC and begun with MMA.”

“People always say to me ‘why didn’t you go into MMA?’. Back then, you had Showtime, GLORY, and K1 in China, but they are all no longer available. There are currently popular programs that people watch. In the UFC, everyone must respect you.”

After relocating to the UK, Tate began training at the Storm Gym in Luton under the direction of instructor Amir Subasic. He later had success in kickboxing, and videos of his knockout victories often surface. However, he was unable to replicate his success.

Tate briefly made a comeback in 2020, defeating Cosmin Lingurar in the second round of their match. However, he hasn’t participated in any combat sports since. Recently, he has started training for a comeback in the boxing ring targeting one of the YouTube celebrity brothers Jake or Logan Paul.