Andrew Tate and brother ‘demanded a HAIRSTYLIST and a PlayStation’ while held in custody

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan were arrested on charges of assault and human trafficking in Bucharest, Romania, on December 29. The charges stem from allegations that Tate employed up to 75 women in his webcam business and forced them to engage in certain activities against their will.

He has enlisted the services of a seasoned attorney, Tina Glandian, to defend his case.

Glandian has faced challenges in seeking assistance from the U.S. Embassy. In a recent interview on the PBD Podcast, she disclosed that her request for assistance was rejected, and she was referred to her Romanian Council.

Glandian suggested that the U.S. Embassy’s lack of assistance may be due to Tate’s political views and history of exposing the power structure.

According to Romanian news site  Gandul, Andrew Tate, who used to have a shaven head and was fond of posing with sports cars, has become frustrated with his appearance. After two months in jail, the millionaire was seen with longer hair, but it is thinning, revealing bald patches.

Allegedly, Tate complained that he could not shave his head as disposable razors are not allowed in prison and demanded that a hairstylist be brought in, but his request was rejected.

Andrew and Tristan also asked prison officials to buy them a PlayStation so they could play games in their cell, which was also denied. When Andrew demanded to know where the console was, officials reportedly told him that in custody, “prisoners don’t play, they pray.”

Previously Tate bemoaned how video games are pointless saying:

“Video games are super ad dictive and fun, which is why I don’t play them – because I know how fun they can be. To me, the ROI isn’t there. I mean, if you guys are getting paid to play then I can’t say anything bad about you playing, right?”