Amirkhani finishes opponent with fastest submission of the year contentder

Amirkhani  was determined to use jiu jitsu to his advantage from the very beginning of the fight. He used a guillotine counter during the first takedown attempt of the match. For a second there it seemed like he might be in trouble considering he was backed to the fence – and he had no way to control Mike Grundy’s body.

Amirkhani  recovered and maintained control – switching to an anaconda choke. There Grundy hung on for dear life. Referee soon concluded Grundy was out. Unconscious Grundy was awoken – and the winner was declared. Amirkhani  by way of submission.

This is the third loss in a row for Grundy. He’s looking at the prospect of getting cut – not to mention he suffered a personal failure considering his terminally ill father was cageside waiting to cheer him on.

Amirkhani announced he is ready to become a father afterwards.