All in the Endeavor family? Dana White working Adam Sandler to develop UFC comedy

The UFC seems to be enjoying the success of McGregor Forever documentary on Netflix.

This prompted the brass to seek out more entertainment based opportunities in future.

UFC is set to captivate audiences with a thrilling behind-the-scenes documentary and a hilarious comedy show in the future.

These exciting projects were revealed by UFC president Dana White during an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show. They are aimed at providing fans with access to the inner workings of the MMA promotion.

In response to a question on Conor McGregor’s most recent documentary ‘McGregor Forever’ being among the top 10 most viewed Netflix series, Dana White shared the information on Wednesday. White claims that McGregor negotiated his own contract for the documentary, but the UFC is creating a series that is expected to debut later this year.

White disclosed that the UFC is currently collaborating with Roku to produce a documentary that offers an all-encompassing view of the business. This highly anticipated project promises to shed light on the intricacies of running a successful MMA organization.

White stated: “It’s not easy to just whip out a documentary and do it,” White explained. “But we’re doing a deal right now with Roku where we’re filming a documentary behind the scenes of the UFC, that will come out later this year. [It’s about] the whole business. You guys will see all the behind the scenes.”

In an unexpected turn of events, Dana White unveiled plans to partner with renowned comedian Adam Sandler on a comedy show centered around the UFC. It seems probable that Sandler would be creating a scripted program that may eventually become a sitcom.

However, he didn’t go into much depth about it so it’s unclear exactly what type of project that would be.

He said: “We’re working on that [documentary], we’re also working on a show right now with Adam Sandler that’s a comedy about working in the offices of the UFC.”

Adam Sandler’s production company is called Happy Madison. The company has produced throughout the years various television series and films. Many of Sandler’s personal projects, like ‘The Goldbergs’ and ‘Rules of Engagement’ were also made by this production firm.

Additionally, Sandler is represented by Endeavor (the owner of the UFC).