Aljamain Sterling reveals he has a bet with Sean O’Malley over who shoots a takedown first

In what promises to be an electrifying event, Sterling and O’Malley are gearing up to take center stage at UFC 292 in Boston. The anticipation surrounding this clash is reaching its peak, as both combatants have been openly expressing their intentions of securing a stoppage victory.

Nevertheless, a recent revelation by Sterling has added an intriguing twist to the impending match– the two have agreed upon a unique side bet.

During an interview on The MMA Hour, Sterling shared: “Whoever shoots first pays 100 bucks. So, I do think when I pressure him, he might panic shoot. He might be the one panic-shooting because he might be worried that I’m going to take him down. Or this could be a little trickery. You never know, you never know.”

Aljamain Sterling was then asked whether he believes that is a terrible wager for him. Sterling responded by saying that he can still take Sean O’Malley down without going for a takedown.

He said: “Well if I body lock him, is that really a shot? Is that really a shot?”

While Aljamain Sterling discloses the existence of the bet between himself and Sean O’Malley, it remains uncertain whether the combatants will genuinely uphold this agreement. Additionally, the wager stands at a mere $100 which holds little significance for either of them, given their substantial earnings for this showdown.

The match is set to generate six-figure incomes for both combatants, making the prospect of a takedown far more consequential than a hundred-dollar wager.

Stepping into UFC 292 as the title defender, Aljamain Sterling brings with him an impressive track record. He recently secured a decision win over Henry Cejudo in May, showcasing his prowess and determination.

Prior to this victory, Sterling demonstrated his dominance by achieving a TKO victory against TJ Dillashaw, successfully defending his bantamweight title for the second time. His professional record stands at an impressive 23-3, and he currently rides high on a nine-bout win streak, with his last defeat dating back to 2017.

As the anticipation builds for the electrifying encounter between Aljamain Sterling and Sean O’Malley, fans are eager to witness the outcome of their clash at UFC 292 in Boston.