Aljamain Sterling has gained 40 pounds week after loss to Sean O’Malley

At UFC 292, Aljamain Sterling suffered a brutal knockout at the hands of Sean O’Malley. Fans and analysts are left wondering about Sterling’s future in the octagon as he lost his bantamweight title.

Despite entering the match as the favored contender, Sterling’s fortunes took a drastic turn. In the second round, he encountered a precisely timed right-hand counterpunch from O’Malley which ended up leading to a TKO defeat.

As the aftermath of the bout settles in, questions arise about when Aljamain Sterling will make his return to the octagon. A recent YouTube video released by Sterling himself  makes it seem unlikely to happen very soon.

Sterling is shown gaining weight on his  channel after losing against O’Malley. Notably, Sterling’s weight climbs to 176.5lbs by the video’s conclusion. This is 40 lbs more compared to his weight during the previous weekend.

Sterling acknowledges his progress in the video, stating: “Okay guys, I told myself I wasn’t gonna get that heavy, but as you can see, the process has already begun. Still got a little bit of a layer underneath there, a little bit of fat on the top.”

“I checked my weight and I’m about 173lbs I think, but I still got some time before vacation so I might do a couple of subs, so let’s see what I weigh…”

This YouTube stands in stark contrast to the shredded physique that Sterling showcased in the lead-up to his bout with O’Malley. Social media posts and videos prior to the match highlighted his rigorous training regimen and impressive physical condition.

Before the match with O’Malley, Aljamain Sterling voiced his determination to transition away from the bantamweight division. He expressed his intention to challenge Alexander Volkanovski for the featherweight title if he emerged victorious. However, the knockout loss forced Sterling to reconsider his plans.

After his defeat, Sterling acknowledged that the prospect of winning the championship at 145 lbs was almost non-existent.