Alex Pereira blasts Schaub for saying Chimaev would mop the floor with him, proposes 50k bet, Schaub accepts

UFC middleweight champion Alex Pereira is not pleased with Brendan Schaub and his takes.

Pereira recently headlined UFC 281, which took place earlier this month. He competed against longtime rival Israel Adesanya. Pereira had prevailed in both of their prior kickboxing matchups.

Going into the fifth and final round behind on the scoreboard at UFC 281, Pereira delivered a powerful combination to secure the victory by knockout. He had just four bouts under his belt when he became the middleweight champion.

Brendan Schaub covered the development on his ailing network and dismissed the new champion harshly.

“I’m not taking anything away from Alex, but again, I don’t think he beats a single guy in the top five. Robert Whittaker’s.. after he saw Izzie and Alex’s grappling and the wrestling. You know, I’m sure every guy in the top five is like, Dear God, please give me that guy.”

“Now, if the UFC actually want Khamzat to be that big of superstar at 170 and 185. (Alex’s) next fight is going to be Khazmat vs Alex Pereira. Khamzat beats the s*it out of him. He mops the floor him. You know, again, I’m not taking it away from Alex. It’s just all about matchups and styles, and that’s a complete nightmare for him.”

Alex Pereira seemed prepared to make a rapid return. Pereira was offered a Khamzat Chimaev match for UFC 283 – but there were issues in negotiations.

“Brendan Schaub, I think he was running his mouth. Brendan talked a lot of crap that Chimaev would run him over and blah blah blah. Now, he said that Chimaev would be able to take him down in 30 seconds… “

“Here’s the deal, he’ll fight Chimaev in Rio regardless of being injured at 205, and he’s proposing to do a bet with Schaub.”

The translator added,

“He said he’s running his mouth, fifty-thousand dollars if he beats Chimaev. That fifty-thousand from both sides we’ll donate to kids in need. Also, fifty more that he doesn’t take [Pereira] down in 30 seconds. We’ll double those fifty to put it toward charity.”

Brendan Schaub was happy to be in the headlines once again and doubled down on his take saying: