AKA coach talks the only time Khabib was close to getting submitted in training

Khabib Nurmagomedov never lost in MMA. Many say he only lost 3 rounds in his career.

His supremacy was so well-known that it even carried over to his training sessions.

Javier Mendez is Nurmagomedov’s longtime coach. He claims that throughout their time together, Nurmagomedov never lost a training match.

Mendez said during an interview with Mike Swick on Real Quick

: “I said it, what people don’t fully understand, he is the only person that’s never lost a sparring session. I never said rounds, I said session. Never in his life, since I have known him, has he lost a sparring session. He might lose a round here and there, never lost a sparring session, never been submitted, never been close to being submitted in actual MMA sparring. Never.”

Mendez then went on to describe the moment American freestyle wrestler Kyle Crutchmer was on the verge of defeating Khabib.

He said, “The only time I seen him close to being submitted was one time when Kyle Crutchmer – I was like so shocked, dude I was about to go, grab my camera and go, ‘Oh okay I got him. I’m gonna film him get actually tapped out.’ And he got out of it. And I was like, ‘How the effin’ hell did he do that?’ Hey, he’s a phenom, that’s just the way it is.”

Khabib Nurmagomedov recently said in a public presentation in Toronto for Class A Events that Dagestani domination across the board may soon become the standard.

Khabib stated, “Right now we have current UFC and Bellator lightweight champions. This is amazing. I hear long time ago when one guy was talking about, ‘We here to take over.’ But we here to take over. And what’s interesting is I coach not a lot of people.”

“I coach people that was around me when I was active fighter, this is maybe like 12-15 guys. Like 13 people we have combined win in MMA almost 300 fights. This is crazy. Nobody ever did this in MMA before. It’s never happened.”