Aguero reveales that Canelo Alvarez sent him an angry voice note during the Lionel Messi feud

Video emerged of Argentina’s football team celebrating in their dressing room after their win over Mexico. In the video it appears Argentina’s biggest star, Lionel Messi, had cleaned the floor with a Mexican jersey. Early interpretations of the footage even expressed belief it was a flag of Mexico that Messi was disrespecting.

Naturally this angered the biggest boxing star in the world – Saul Canelo Alvarez. Alvarez proudly represents Mexico and was dismayed to learn what had transpired. But it’s unclear if he even saw the footage before he posted threats.

Argentina’s Sergio Aguero tried to placate Alvarez and get him to subdue his visceral reaction, but it didn’t go great.

Aguero politely contacted Alvarez and explained that it’s very common for football players to put jerseys on the floor after a match. He also explained how Messi accidentally hit the jersey.

“Mr Canelo, don’t look for excuses or problems, surely you don’t know about soccer and what happens in a locker room. The shirts are always on the floor after the games are over due to sweat and then if you see well, he makes the movement to remove the booty and accidentally hits it.” Aguero explained in Spanish.

Sadly, even the polite explanation means nothing to Alvarez. He responded to Aguero’s tweet completely trash talking him.


“B******” and a hypocrite for getting involved in the dispute. “You b****** too… You wrote to me oh oh Canelo and now sucking, don’t be a hypocrite b******.” Alvarez responded.

Now Aguero has revealed that it didn’t stay on that – apparently Alvarez had sent him an angry voice message calling him a series of expletives.

 “Sergio Aguero has revealed that Canelo Alvarez sent him an angry voice note during the Lionel Messi feud: “Do you know how much I s*** myself? When I saw my WhatsApp and I read *Canelo Audio Message* I said, ‘Oh s***’. He told me, ‘You s***head, I liked you, asshole.'” – Michael Benson revealed on twitter.