Adin Ross threatened with Jailtime for running unsactioned boxing events

Popular streamer and influencer Adin Ross revealed in a video posted on Twitter that his planned March 16th boxing event has been postponed after he was warned it would be considered criminal if he proceeded without proper sanctioning.

In the emotional video, Ross recounts being approached by someone at the UFC event he attended who told him “you do not run a sanctioned event” and that if he went ahead with the March 16th boxing show, “it’s criminal.”

“Somebody basically snitched,” Ross says in the clip. “They listened, they gave me a warning. They said, if you basically have a fight on March 16th, it’s criminal. You know, and I’ll be shut down completely and I’ll have to actually, that’s like real time, you know?”

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Ross had been promoting the March 16th event under his Brandwurst Promotions banner and had hoped to feature popular influencers and personalities. However, he now says the event will have to be pushed back until it receives proper professional sanctioning.

“We’re working on it right now guys…I’m gonna get sanctioned. We’re gonna host the best events and that’s that,” Ross states, vowing that “no lawsuits gonna bring me down.”

Ross has drawn both praise and criticism for his ambitious move into the world of celebrity boxing and exhibition fighting events featuring influencers and content creators. However, this recent warning seems to indicate he may need to pursue full sanctioning and licensing through professional boxing commissions going forward.

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