(Video) Brawl breaks out between two influencer boxers during Adin Ross’ streamer event

Adin Ross recently organized a boxing event that left spectators and viewers bemused. The main event, which unfolded in a mere 10 seconds, not only disappointed but also led to a brief altercation, tarnishing the overall experience.

Formerly a Twitch streamer, Ross transitioned to Kick, signing an exclusive deal that propelled him into the limelight. Known for his association with Andrew Tate, Ross has been creating viral content, including podcasts, and most recently, ventured into hosting a small-scale boxing event.

Taking place on January 14 at Kick’s warehouse without a live audience, the event featured five boxing matches involving fellow streamers. Despite the lack of professional boxing backgrounds, the matches garnered millions of views. However, criticism ensued due to perceived unprofessionalism among both the staff and competitors.

In one bout, Jaydvn faced off against Melt, with Jaydvn securing a knockout in the first round. Unfortunately, the victory celebration turned sour as Jaydvn continued to land punches on the downed Melt, raising concerns about sportsmanship.

Another swift and surprising match unfolded between Cuffem and Snagz, concluding in a mere 10 seconds. Cuffem, initially defending his head, found himself on the receiving end of Snagz’s rapid punches. In an unexpected turn, Cuffem injured his shoulder, halting the match. The referee’s intervention came too late, leading to a post-match brawl between the two competitors.

Social media platforms quickly lit up with clips from the event, sparking discussions on safety concerns and branding the spectacle as an embarrassment to the sport.

The aftermath of Adin Ross’ streamer boxing event has raised questions about the professionalism and safety measures in such endeavors. As Ross continues to make waves in the streaming world, the boxing event serves as a reminder that even viral success may come with its share of controversies.