Adin Ross gifts Sean O’Malley With Custom Richard Mille Watch valued at over $300k

It seems like there is a unique bond between Sean O’Malley and well-known streamer Adin Ross.

Ross has been bestowing gifts onto the bantamweight champion one after another. The streamer bought O’Malley a pink dream automobile that was modeled after a GTA game earlier this month.

This present was given due to Ross’s promise to provide the O’Malley a car if he defeated Marlon Vera at UFC 299.

It seems that the automobile was just the start. Adin Ross recently gave Sean O’Malley a personalized Richard Mille watch. Because the contender’s favorite colour is pink, this watch seems to be an unique piece.

Malley expressed his gratitude for the watch on social media, O’Malley posted: “Holy Sh*t. Boys he just gifted me my OG f*cking Richard Mille pink strap. What the f*ck.”

The bantamweight champion has had a rather eventful life lately. Aside from combat sports, he has a lovely family, a popular podcast, and a rich lifestyle that just gets better with time. But he can’t wait to go back in the cage, which begs the issue of who his next opponent will be.

In the division, O’Malley has a variety of opponents to choose from. But currently, he’s thinking about just one contender, Merab Dvalishvili. The bantamweight prospect has been calling out O’Malley for a while now. Since the champion is open to the match, it seems likely that it will happen.

After his most recent victory, O’Malley said: “Merab is f****** next. Your wish is granted. I like the fight for me. There are multiple ways to win. I’m excited about the fight now, finally. I was never ducking him, I was just never excited to fight him. He’s just such a, I don’t know — now, is it the right time?”

The prospect of a clash between Sean O’Malley and Merab Dvalishvili promises unparalleled intensity and excitement. While the UFC has yet to confirm the matchup, fans eagerly await the official announcement. They anticipate a showdown that will undoubtedly captivate audiences worldwide.