Adesanya Reacts To Jon Jones Arrest: I’m Sure Y’all Will Give Him “One More Chance”

Jon Jones is no stranger to “one more chance” concept. He’s done it all from binges, to rumors of sexual harassments to actually crying at a UFC presser – and his bad behavior really seems to have no consequences to him. Let’s recap

  • Jones’ fiance had dried blood around her lips, chin and all over her sweatshirt. There was even blood on the rear elbow portions of her sweatshirt. She also had a swollen lower lip, red mark to upper right cheek and was visibly upset and seemed scared to talk about Jon. She declined to allow the officers to take pictures of her injuries but allowed the police to inspect the hotel room.
  • In the hotel room there was blood on the bedsheets
  • Security guard’s statement details Jones’ fiancé arrived to the security desk at 4:35 am bloodied up and asked to get a key to her room. The guard observed blood so he asked Moses if she was ok which lead to her beginning to tear up. When security asked if she felt scared to go back to the room she explained she was scared to go back to the room. She added she did not feel safe going back to the room so she was taken to the security officer with her children.
  • Then the youngest child asked “Can you call the cops”
  • Jones was detained walking off from the hotel property – he became irate and smashed his head onto the front hood of the LVMPD patrol vehicle leading a medium size dent and chipping some paint.

After all the worst he’s expecting to get from the latest incident is getting downgraded at the Pound for pound UFC ranking list. Apparently headbutting a Police car and or possibly your fiance is grounds for losing a single P2P ranking!

Number 4 on this list – Israel Adesanya wasn’t too fond of Jones’ latest act. The New Zealander tweeted:

And Adesanya didn’t leave it at that either: