Adesanya polarizes fans praising Andrew Tate


UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya’s recent remarks on Andrew Tate’s extreme views on masculinity have created controversy among his fans. Adesanya’s support for the divisive social media influencer has alarmed MMA fans who are concerned about his supposed adherence to Tate’s harmful ideology.


Andrew Tate is a social media influencer who promotes hyper-masculinist ideology, encouraging men to adopt a more traditional, assertive, and tough way of life.

Tate believes that modern society places too much emphasis on inclusiveness and political correctness, leading to a lack of assertiveness and ambition among individuals. He argues that people need to be able to take constructive criticism and rejection in stride to succeed.

Israel Adesanya defended Andrew Tate on The Honey Badger Hour podcast, along with other influencers like Jordan Peterson and Dave Goggins, claiming that they are pushing men to be accountable as men. Adesanya believes that the world is trying to soften men, and individuals like Tate are helping revive masculinity.

“So unlike Jordan, Andrew, Dave Goggins guys like that, they’re the ones who are really, I guess, to be honest, pushing men to be to be accountable as men. You know, like the world right now is trying to, like, soften us, you know? We know. Yeah. Like, I mean, what do they say? I think it was what’s his name?”

“Jordan actually said, you know, was it Jordan? Like how you how you were back in the day that, you know, if someone like the the kings and whatnot want to stop an uproar or uprising, they’d kill all the fighting age males. Can’t kill them right now. So what do you do?”

” Make them feel  emasculated by one. ”

The girls. Yeah. Incels are the queens. There you go. I’ve heard that term. What does that was that was like when I went to. I don’t know. I think it’s like I don’t know what it means. Like, not like a symbol, like a yeah, like somebody like.”

” I mean, you just have to take a stand, like, I know who I am. I know you know who you are. And I like the fact that we have a crew of people who actually like a stand and we’re all different, like different walks of life, I’m sure.”

“I don’t want to get too much into it, but everyone in here has different beliefs, different mentality, different even. I hear politics and stuff and they razz on each other for it. But it’s funny, but at the end of day, we’re all brothers and we’re all still a community and fighting brings us together. I feel like that’s how the world should be.”

Adesanya’s comments about Andrew Tate have drawn criticism from his diverse fan base, who lashed out at him for praising the disgraced social media influencer. Some fans pointed out that Tate has been vocally dismissive of men like Adesanya, who flout gender norms with their unique fashion sense and flamboyant manner.

Israel Adesanya is frequently spotted with manicured nails
Israel Adesanya is frequently spotted with manicured nails

The debate over toxic masculinity has been ongoing, with many people arguing that the promotion of traditional gender roles can be harmful to individuals and society.

While there are many positive aspects of masculinity, like assertiveness, strength, and leadership, it is important to recognize that gender roles are not fixed and can be harmful when used to reinforce harmful stereotypes and prejudices.